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Today's revolutionary Concrete Coatings are so versatile, now instead of removing existing concrete, in most cases we are able to salvage it. Concrete coatings can mimic most any surface created with conventional concrete and some that are totally unique. Concrete coatings have the ability to correct poor drainage, cracking, surface erosion and the overall surface appearance. Concrete coatings will stick to most any vertical or horizontal surface. There are Concrete coatings formulated for just about every situation imaginable. Whether structural, cosmetic or both, there is a concrete coating product designed to fit the need.
To prove their durability, concrete coating materials have undergone rigorous testing by being placed in some of the most destructive environments. They have been used on bridges, roads and even airport runways. Remarkably, some of the industry's best products have proven they can withstand the punishment. Using these reliable products has allowed us to revive old concrete in exciting new ways.
Although concrete coatings have the potential to work wonders, without expert application the end results can be disappointing. Concrete coatings are very temperamental and in the wrong hands they will not achieve what they have been engineered to do.
At Visions Below we are proud to offer the finest concrete coating applications available to our clients in Orange County, California. Drawing from a support network of trusted manufactures and our countless hours of hands-on project experience, we are confident we can achieve the results our customers demand.
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Concrete Coatings at Work

Concrete Coating have proven they are capable of withstanding relentless foot traffic on this busy foot bridge in a heavily touristed area of Orange County’s Dana Point, California. The city is pleased with both the appealing look of the walkway and the extreme durability the concrete coatings have provided.

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