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When concrete color pigments are added to water, acid, acetone, and many other organic and non-organic materials, the material becomes the colors driving force. The material that drives the pigment into the concrete also determines its intensity and vibrancy. By combining the pigment with the right material in the proper sequence the possibilities are endless.
These Concrete Coloring Systems are the tools that allow us to express ourselves artistically on concrete as a canvas. Concrete colors have remarkable abilities to transform even the most unattractive surfaces. Visions Below specializes in decorative and corrective coloring applications for concrete surfaces. We have adopted many variations of staining procedures, use of materials and application processes to develop our own signature creations.
While working all across Orange County, Visions Below craftsmen have applied concrete color stains and dyes on every concrete finish imaginable. By spending many hours testing and in actual application we have developed a deep understanding of which products and techniques work best. We use only those that are proven to provide the desired look and finish.
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How much does a concrete garage floor coloring system cost?

Garage floor coating costs will vary depending on the systems used, surface preparation required and quality and warranty of the installed product. Other factors that can affect the price are: accessibility to the work area, location, size of the space, experience level of the installer and use of special patterns or designs. In general, prices range from as little as $0.75 per square foot for a simple painted floor up to $5.50 per square for the most sophisticated epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic color flake systems.

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