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Introducing GSPEC™

The first eco-friendly Epoxy-Urethane™ cement overlay with a natural polished concrete look, the durability of a urethane and the chemical resistance of an epoxy, that won’t crack or stain like standard self-leveling cement and is manufactured without harmful VOCs and isocyanates.

Choose GSPEC™ for your next decorative self-leveling cement overlay job to achieve:
  • Superior Epoxy-Urethane™durability
  • No VOCs or isocyanates
  • Polishable natural cement look
  • 24-hour rapid gauge rake application
  • Chemical, stain and water resistant
  • Microfracture resistant with elasticity
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • No color drift
AltTextSee all 10 variations of GSPEC and find more detailed information at

Call (949) 939-1562 to speak with a GSPEC expert

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