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As related to concrete, aggregates are small pieces or particles that can be added to a mix to make it more colorful and interesting. Recycled glass has become the aggregate of choice in many projects for its ability to reflect natural and artificial light creating a kaleidoscope of color. Aggregates can be used to form patterns, shapes and scenes creating a decorative, yet highly durable surface that will endure even the most destructive environments. Exposed aggregate finishes are now widely used in theme parks, city parks, schools and schools because of their decorative properties and proven durability unrivaled by other concrete systems.
Exposing the aggregates on the surface of the concrete creates a dramatic color dynamic, but only if done correctly. The color of the concrete the aggregate is added to plays an important role in contrasting the aggregate and ultimately determining how well it will stand out. The intensity of the aggregates color can be greatly enhanced by the addition of a complimentary shade in the infused concrete, but choosing the wrong color can camouflage an aggregate. Since the color of the concrete acts as the backdrop or canvas for the aggregates, its color should provide a sharp contrast.
At Visions Below we understand how challenging it can be to decide on the right combination with such a wide range of design options to choose from. Before work on a project begins, our knowledgeable consultants provide color samples and helpful suggestions to aid in the decision process.

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Applications for Recycled Glass Aggregates

Can recycled glass aggregates pave the way to a greener future? Until now there have been limited economically viable uses for post-consumer glass. Using recycled glass as a functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing commodity certainly shows promise. Architects and engineers are impressed with their versatility and practical capabilities. Designers love their creative properties. Using recycled glass aggregates as a construction material is already a popular choice. The potential for continued use and increased demand appears highly likely. Here are some of the applications:

• Building façades
• Countertops
• Elevator paneling
• Floor tiles
• Park benches
• Partition walls
• Planters
• Trash receptacles
• Wall tiles and panels

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