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Epoxy floor coatings are a popular option because they accomplish several things at once. First, they enhance the overall look. This can be the main reason for a project to begin with. Epoxy systems can certainly transform an entire space and at a relatively low cost to other enhancements. Second, they protect the area from wear. This is also a big selling point, especially in high impact areas where traffic would otherwise take a heavy toll. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Epoxy systems act as moisture barrier to protect against water damage and related problems.
Epoxy resins are used to both prime and coat concrete. When applied properly, they can even fix cracks. In addition to being able to repair and protect, they simultaneously offer a plethora of decorative options for the style conscious. Besides that, epoxy coatings require less maintenance and will outlast other concrete coatings.
Visions Below is a certified manufacture specialist offering every epoxy coating material on the market today. Like any coating material, epoxy coatings rely on intense surface preparations. The proper surface preparation and treatment of moisture within the concrete slab will allow some of these systems to last a lifetime.

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How to Prepare Concrete for an Epoxy Coating

• Clean and degrease the floor
• Fix any holes or cracks with concrete patch
• Use acid or a grinder to give the floor a rough surface
• Rinse the floor
• Dry the floor thoroughly
• Mask off the room

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