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Concrete Foundations are the supporting platforms on which nearly all structures on earth are built. In order for the structure to be constructed successfully, the underlying foundation must be the correct height and perfectly level. The depth of the concrete foundation varies depending upon the height and weight of the intended structure. The composition of the concrete foundation must be tailored to suit local soil conditions and ground water content due to nearby bodies of water and other variables.
Aging concrete foundations may begin to show signs of stress. When cracking appears, it is important to determine if the cracks are cosmetic or structural. Foundational cracking can be caused by expanding clay soil, depletion of soil due to poor compaction, freezing and thawing, improper curing and other issues. Structural cracking issues need to be addressed immediately.
Visions Below’s staff of highly trained professionals have placed, finished and repaired all varieties of concrete foundations in both the residential and commercial marketplace right here in Orange County. With our resources and application knowledge we are able to improve the overall performance and longevity of our client’s concrete foundations.

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What causes a concrete foundation to fail?

Poor Construction – A bad concrete mix or lack of sufficient steel reinforcement is a recipe for failure from the onset.

Nonporous Backfill – Soils loaded with clay or organic matter hold water and increase the risk of foundation cracks when the soil freezes and expands.

Rushing the Cure – If concrete isn’t kept damp for three days and allowed to cure slowly it will never reach full strength.

Insufficient Compacting – If the slab is poured over crushed stone that hasn't been firmly tamped, it will likely settle or crack.

Interrupting the Pour – If a concrete foundation isn’t poured all at one setting a crack and leak prone “cold joint” will form between the two pours.

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