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For more than a decade now concrete counters have been gaining in popularity. Their versatility is one of the main reasons they are becoming so well liked. They can be almost size, shape, color or texture imaginable. The overall shape of the concrete counter is only limited to the space in which it is being placed. Many concrete counters also have sinks incorporated into them, adding to the overall dynamic of its design. Concrete sinks can be molded to mimic most any standard sink size or shape and even some that can only be created with concrete.
Integrating aggregates into the surface of the countertop affects the appearance by adding depth and reflective properties displayed by the materials chosen. Recycled glass aggregates offer the widest range of color and reflective properties available. Natural aggregates are an excellent option too. At Visions Below we encourage clients to make unique concrete counters by adding meaningful personal items like sea shells from a family trip.
Designers love working with concrete counters because of the endless color options. Concrete colors can be made to match most any common paint chart found at your local paint store. The color of the room and the aggregates being used can all work together to create just the right look. Stains and dyes may be used to create background shading or even to recreate a beautiful scene. We understand it can be challenging to bring all the elements together harmoniously. Providing samples and recommendations are just some of the ways we at Visions Below of Orange County provide outstanding service for a client’s project from start to finish.

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Caring For a Concrete Countertop

Remember concrete, though quite durable, is not invincible. Most people cherish the natural worn in look, or patina that tends to accentuate the materials character over time, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be taken care of. Follow these tips to preserve a concrete countertop subject to normal daily use.

  • • Reseal every one to three years
  • • Avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbers that can damage sealer
  • • Use cutting boards
  • • To prevent stains clean up messes quickly
  • • Wax sealed countertops on a monthly basis

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